Where to Store Your Gold Investment

Owning gold is a pretty good investment. However, the problem may come in with storage. When you buy physical gold, you can either store it for yourself or pay someone to store it for you. Whatever option you pick, you will have some benefits and challenges. If you choose to store your own gold, the options are to keep it in your home, or in a safe deposit box in a bank.

At Home

Storing gold at home may not be a good option for everyone. Homes may not be secure enough for such investments. However, it may work for some people. The secret is to avoid being too obvious. Do not store hide all your gold in one place. Use decoys to trick thieves. Place a few cheap coins in an obvious spot and hide the rest of your coins. Do not let too many people know about it for obvious reasons. However, you should tell at least one person. Storing gold at home largely depends on your creativity.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Storing gold in safe deposit boxes is a popular option because it is safe. However, safety is not absolute. Your safe deposit box is only as safe as the integrity of the bank’s employees. You will need your own insurance because banks do not insure contents of safe deposit boxes. The shortcoming of the option is that you cannot access your safe deposit box whenever you wish. Banking hours are limited and you have to abide by them. That makes it difficult to take advantage of opportunities quickly. It also limits the amount of gold you can store. Safe deposit boxes can only hold a certain amount of gold.

Private Firms

Storing gold with private firms is safe because you can store large volumes of gold. It is the most secure way to store your gold. I may also offer tax benefits if you store the gold in a different country. The shortcoming of this option is that you may not have physical touch with your gold. It may take a while to retrieve them.

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