Indonesian Food Can Be Used as a Business Idea Overseas

Selling only Indonesian food abroad? Definitely selling. What kind of Indonesian food do Caucasians like?
Just so you know, there are many Caucasians who are passionate about Indonesian food. Needless to say, the image of a distinctive taste and rich in spices has indeed become our culinary attraction.
They are even willing to fly all the way here just to taste super delicious Indonesian food. Well, this is where you can see opportunities.

The following is a list of Indonesian foods that can be used as business ideas abroad:

1. Meatballs

Chewy rounds with savory sauce, who doesn’t drool? Caucasians, if you go to Indonesia, definitely try this meatball. Selling meatballs abroad can be a business opportunity.
Especially if you can modify it to become modern meatballs. For example, like jumbo meatballs, boxed meatballs or fruit meatballs, it is guaranteed that many Caucasians will be curious. You can sell one bowl for 5 to 10 US dollars, not bad right?

2. Setup

In European countries to be precise in the Netherlands and Switzerland, people there really like to eat tempeh or catfish pecel from Indonesia. One small slice of tempeh sells for 2 euros, while catfish pecel costs up to 15 euros or Rp. 225 thousand.
You can open a penyetan shop with various side dishes. Not only catfish and tempeh, but also duck, chicken or fried carp.

3. Satay

You know for yourself that Caucasians really like barbecues every time there is a party. Well, you can offer another alternative by selling satay. The point is the same really, burnt meat. In fact, the satay from Indonesia is even better because it has peanut sauce and soy sauce which is delicious.

4. Hodgepodge

Selling hodgepodge abroad, especially in Europe or America, is sure to sell out! This is because the gado-gado from Indonesia is similar to the salad they usually consume. But what makes the gado-gado even more special is the special peanut sauce added with a sprinkling of fried onions and crunchy crackers.

5. Instant Noodles

It’s no longer a secret that Indomie’s production has been exported abroad. Indeed, Indomie has a distinctive taste image compared to other foreign-produced instant noodles.
Don’t be surprised if you will find Indomie in several American, European or Australian supermarkets. So, you can open an Indomie shop just like Indonesia abroad, like your brothers who usually sell in coffee shops. Especially if you use modern toppings like cheese, chili sauce, or corned beef.

6. Nasi Padang

It is undeniable that rendang is one of the most delicious foods in the world. So if you are thinking about opening a Padang rice business from Indonesia abroad, you are guaranteed to sell well.
Not only rendang, other side dishes such as fried chicken, cakes mixed with green chili sauce will shake the tongue of Caucasians. Who can resist it?

7. Soto

Caucasians really like to eat soup anytime. You can see an opportunity by replacing the soup by offering soto from Indonesia.
It’s just the same, the point is that they are both soupy foods, soto actually tastes better because it’s more tasty. Especially if you add koya topping, hmmmm delicious.