Top 5 Promotional Items to Give Away at Trade Shows

Looking to stand out at your next trade show? Attract more people to your booth with these great promotional giveaways.


Trade Show Swag That Stands Out

Standing out at a trade show is important to help develop your brand and increase brand recognition. Doing that requires creativity, personality and, of course, great giveaways. Trade show giveaways are a great way to attract more foot traffic and also create a lasting impression on those who visit your booth.

When it comes to promotional gifts or swag, it’s important that you have items that will leave a lasting impression and can also be used to spread your brand name. The best giveaways are those that are useful and will be used often rather than being discarded or neglected.

To help you stand out from the other booths at the trade show, here are five great ideas for promotional giveaways:

Custom Key Blanks

A creative and unique gift that will certainly make your brand more memorable is a branded, vinyl lettering. There aren’t very commonly seen at trade shows or in promotional giveaway bags which makes them stand out. You can have them custom made with your brand logo on them to help increase brand recognition while also standing out from other booths with such a unique gift.

Your recipients can bring the key blank to any hardware store to have it cut as a spare house key or other use. You can also give the key blank away in a custom box (tin boxes are best) which can have your business logo and information printed on it for more exposure.

Reusable Water Bottles

A popular and useful trade show giveaway is the reusable water bottle. It’s eco-friendly and highly sought after because of its usefulness. No one ever has enough water bottles. These are especially effective at trade shows because walking around all day gets you thirsty and no one wants to carry around a dozen disposable water bottles with them. Also, make sure you don’t skimp on quality because other vendors will also be giving away similar bottles. You want to make sure that yours is the one used, so make sure you get higher quality bottles.

Reusable Hand Bags

A must-have at any trade show is a reusable hand bag. You want to make sure that your visitors have a way to carry around their gifts and goodies that they get from the different vendors. Most people will search out vendors who are giving away bags just so they can get the bag to hold their gifts. This will help attract more people to your booth.

Bumper Stickers & Other Inexpensive Gifts

While creative, unique gifts should always be a staple when going to a trade show, it’s also important to have a number of inexpensive gifts that add quantity. Once you run out of the more sought after gifts, you’ll want to ensure you still have items to give away until the end of the event. Lip balm or even pens are great gifts that can be added to any giveaway bag and can be purchased in bulk at a low cost.

Custom, Branded T-Shirts

One of the best items to give out at a trade show is a custom t-shirt. T-shirts are a bit more costly than the other swag gifts but are also one of the most effective branding tools you could have at a trade show. They’re highly sought after at trade shows and can provide long term branding exposure. They are great for spreading your brand name and business information and can get you more exposure for the cost than most advertising campaigns.


Just be creative and try to find gifts that are unique. If you’re using a themed display at the trade show, bring gifts that are tailored to your theme. Another great idea is to give away product samples to help introduce your products and help create customers.