How to make a safe environment for your workers after the Coronavirus

Your Employer May Not Have to Tell You If a Co-Worker Has COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is one that has temporarily destabilized individuals and organizations across the world. We are now forced to relate with each other in ways different from the way we were used to in the past. For some time, most people have had to work from home while others have had to stop working. However, most countries were already activating a sort of after the Coronavirus phase with people encouraged to live with the virus and take precautions. However, several countries are currently experiencing a second phase with some considering another lockdown. This article will discuss how you can make a safe environment for your workers after the Coronavirus.

Enforce wearing of face mask within the office premises

One of the best ways to make a safe environment for your workers after the Coronavirus is to ensure the use of face mask by your employees, clients and every other person coming into the working environment. Hence, anyone without a face mask should be turned back or offered one before they are allowed in. They should also be encouraged to keep it on properly throughout their stay in the working environment. They should shift it below their nose or their mouth. This would be counterproductive to the reason for which they are putting it on.

Install sanitisers at the door post

Another way to keep your office environment safe for your workers is by installing sanitisers at the doorpost. It is important to install a sanitiser that dispenses automatically or that can be operated with the legs. This way, several people including those who could be infected will not continue touching the same container. You don’t want the sanitiser to increase the risk of the workers at contracting the virus. Hence, they should dispense easily and should always be monitored so that they can always be refilled or replaced before they get empty or the moment they are empty. You can read office supplies companies’ reviews such as Chemist 4 U review to know where you can get sanitisers and other office products you will need.

Ensure that surfaces are clean every morning and evening with antiseptics

You should task the cleaners to make sure that they clean surfaces regularly. At the very least, surfaces including tabletops, chairs and wall should be wiped with water containing antiseptic to kill off every virus that might have settled on them. You might also want to educate your employees to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible. All of these will contribute significantly to preventing a situation where they will touch a surface with the virus and then put the same hands in their nose or mouth and then contract the virus.

Allow those who can work from home to work from home

Another way to make a safe environment for your workers after the Coronavirus is to allow those who can work from home without affecting their efficiency and productivity to continue working from home. The lesser the number of people visiting the work environment and relating with each other physically, the better, until the Coronavirus is completely defeated. After that, you might decide to review the policy and invite every employee back to the office or not.

Support your employees to get vaccines as soon as possible when they become available

As soon as Coronavirus vaccines are available, you should monitor their availability. As soon as possible, you should try to support them to get the vaccine. This might include paying part payment while they pay the rest or covering the entire cost depending on how costly it is and if the organization has enough money to cover the payment. It will be for the benefit of the organization as the fear of contracting the virus will be doused thereby making everyone to be available and all hands on deck to start working at maximum capacity.