Business Economics

Trying To Fix Broken Economics

Business EconomicsWhenever a baby born in this world he/she has wants so many things to survive on this world comparable to daylight, water, air (oxygen), milk, food, clothings and shelter (housing) and so forth. some of these necessities are met freely (freed from cost) like daylight and oxygen and so on as a result of these can be found in abundance. These sort of needs are ‘Non-financial Wants’ in Economics. But, to meet some other necessities ( like milk, food, clothings and shelter (housing) and so forth) one has to pay one thing in trade. One has to pay a worth for these scarce sources in phrases dollars (forex), other items & assets (for barter or exchange) or may has to render some service in alternate. Thus all these necessities or wants are called ‘Economic Wants’ in Economics. Therefore, the Economics research that how the individuals meet their Economic Wants via … Read more