Use of geogrid for road repairs

Geogrid is a geosynthetic material that acts as a retrofit layer, slopes, etc., the geogrid has a large tug strength of up to 180 kN, this geosynthetic material is well fitted for roadwork that have a low basecoat under 2%, for example on a highway Are in poor soil structures for example when used on hollow roads, it can be overcome, geogrid can also be used on railroads, and on lands prone to landslides. Geogrid has been commonly used for more than 25 years. For a quality geogrid, you can see at http://www.maccaferri.com/my/products/geogrid-macgrid/.

While people have gained widespread benefits as a solution to problems related to roads built on soft or problematic soils, the use of competent subgrades has been less common. Clearly, established design methodologies are now available that allow design engineers to measure the benefits of using geogrids to extend the life of pavement plans. This approach … Read more